PTFA Upcoming Events

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Glow Disco – Friday 31st January 2020

Come along to our first Glow Disco.  We shall have a glow light in the hall to ensure everyone lights up and can enjoy the fun.  Please wear light/white tops to see how bright you glow.  Glow body paint will also be applied to all children (wishing to join in) in simple dots and lines patterns on their arms so they glow up.  Glow novelties will also be on sale for £1.  We shall also be trialling offering fries (instead of hot dogs) and the usual pizza as food at the disco.  Portions will be small for 50p (half a cone) and £1 for a full cone.  The usual tuck will also be on offer with prices between 20p to 50p.  Please provide your children with small change if you wish them to purchase anything.  Booking is available on-line or via a paper form from the school office.  Payment of £3:50 per child is to be made on the door at point of entry.

Glow Disco Leaflet 2020 

Bake Sale – 13th & 14th February

We shall have hosting a valentines bake sale after school on 13th and 14th February.  On the 14th February baked goods will have been made by our Year 6 children to help raise funds for the forthcoming London trip.  Donations of either baked or bought goods can be brought into school on the morning of the event please.

1,2,3,4, We declare a Coin War – After half term until Easter Holidays

Join in the fun with some inter-class competitiveness, where each class will have a jar to collect coin donations in from after the half term until the Easter break.  The jars will be weighed and the class with the heaviest total weight (classes can have multiple jars if necessary) will win a class prize.

Easter Show Event Raffles – 1st April

At the Easter Shows we are planning on running our regular event raffles.  Tickets will be sold at £1 for 5 tickets.



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