School Uniform

We ask for your support in dressing your child in official school uniform or school colours.  Samples of school uniform are available for parents to look at.  Our colours are:

  • Royal Blue sweatshirts – prices are £9.00*
  • Royal Blue cardigans – prices are £10.50*
  • Yellow/Royal Blue polo shirts – prices are £7.00*

*correct at time of print

  • Grey trousers, skirts, pinafore dresses, socks, tights

The above items are embroidered with the school logo and are available to buy from school or online from Steady Wear Uniform or by going into the store located at

29 Holderness Road,
East Yorkshire,
HU8 7NA.

Blue/white or yellow/white check gingham dress and white socks for girls in summer if preferred.  Grey tailored shorts are also suitable for summer wear.

No sportswear is to be worn as daily uniform.


Sensible black shoes, not trainers. Knee high boots/ugg or ugg style boots etc are not permitted.  Indoor shoes are needed to change into if wellingtons or waterproof footwear has been worn to walk to school or if shoes are dirty.  Trainers are needed for outdoor P.E. and games.  During fine weather, sandals may be worn in either black or white but these must be flat.

We believe that adherence to school uniform contributes to the positive ethos of our school.

Physical Education

All children require a plain white Tee-shirt and plain black shorts for P.E. (these are available from school).  Appropriate kit is needed for outside games according to the season.  In cold weather a thick track suit or warm jumper is required.  Kit will get very dirty and therefore expensive items are undesirable.

Jewellery/Body Adornments

Jewellery should not be worn in school.  If recent ear piercing should result in the necessity for wearing plain studs, these must be removed for P.E. and games.  Nail varnish and transfer type tattoos should not be worn.  ‘Designer’ haircuts, hair colours, dangling braids and false pieces of hair are to be avoided.

Nail varnish remover and cotton wool is kept in the school office.  Children wearing nail varnish will be asked to remove it, under supervision, and wash their hands.

Should individual standards fall below our acceptable level, a gentle written reminder will be sent home.

Children should not bring personal possessions into school. We are not able to accept responsibility for these should they go missing whilst at school.