1. Provide the best possible education to suit the needs of each child, both to provide children with a greater understanding of the world in which they live, and to prepare each child for the next phase of his/her education.

2. Help each child to acquire a set of values to help him/her become a valuable member of the wider community and ultimately a good citizen.

3. Provide opportunities for all children to acquire the skills and attitudes necessary to gain the most from the opportunities which life presents.

4. Through high expectation, the school aims to help all children to be the best that they can be.

5. Raising standards in basic skills Through high quality teaching and learning based on an enriched, exciting curriculum, we are committed to.

Specifically the school aims:

  • to foster self belief and high expectations
  • to work towards self discipline
  • to help children become independent learners
  • to achieve high standards of behaviour and positive attitudes
  • to raise standards of achievement and attainment
  • to ensure that each child receives his/her curriculum entitlement
  • to maintain close community, parental and governor links
  • to maintain links with the business community


Through working together, the thoughts that guide our lives and that we share with our children are:

  • We believe in you
  • Don’t accept mediocrity – strive for excellence
  • If you never give up you can never fail
  • We think you are great
  • Don’t be a dull person
  • Go make some mistakes – they are the best learning opportunities
  • You are going to be the best that you can be

These words will guide our daily life in school and will be constantly reinforced during each working day by direct and indirect teaching and through good example.

All our children and staff are highly valued members of our community.

The wishes of parents and those who support our school are taken very seriously and inform our continuous development and future planning. Should you have a concern or complaint, please fill in the contact form and we will be in touch to resolve the issue.