Parents’ Evenings

Each academic year there are ‘official’ opportunities for you all as parents to meet with your child’s class teacher – more details below. Booking for these appointments for children from Year F2 to Year 6 can be done by filling in the online form below.

Appointment Length

Each appointment at Parents’ Evening is strictly 10 minutes long. Please keep this in mind and if there is a need for further discussion it can be arranged. In the interests of all parents, appointments on the night may be ended to prevent other parents from waiting and being delayed. Thank you for your understanding and positive cooperation with this. Should you need additional time then an additional time can be arranged on another day which is mutually convenient.

As always, the school has an ‘open-door’ policy and hopes that any issues, no matter how seemingly trivial, are discussed with the class teacher straight away. Please do not wait for the ‘official’ scheduled Parents’ Evenings.