Foundation Two- Miss Benn and Miss Bayley

Here you will find weekly grids for Home Learning, which will be uploaded to the school website each Friday morning for you to work through at your leisure. Please do not feel pressured to complete all of the activities but hopefully they will provide you with a range of activities to support your child’s learning in phonics, reading, writing, maths and topic while learning from home. Any supporting documents will also be uploaded for you to print if possible. We have tried to provide sheets that would be easy to write out/draw if you do not have facilities to print at home.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Miss Benn or Miss Bayley via Tapestry as we will be checking Tapestry on a daily basis. Additionally, we can’t wait to see and comment on your learning at home so please upload to Tapestry as much as you can. We have attached a ‘Parents Guide to Tapestry’ below, which will support you in this if you are unsure.

Stay safe and take care.

Miss Benn and Miss Bayley 🙂


Tapestry – Parents’ Guide


Week beginning: 30.03.20

Home Learning Grid – 30.03.20

Read Draw Sheet Star

Read Draw Sheets Circles

Read Draw Sheets Squares

Read Draw Sheets Triangles

Tricky Word Bingo Circles

Tricky Word Bingo Triangle & Square

Further Home Learning Ideas




Links between home and school, alongside a positive working relationship between staff and families, can make a hugely positive impact on your child’s progress. Please work with us to give your child the very best start in life.

Homework is an important part of school life but it should not be taking over life out of school!

At Victoria Dock Primary School we expect the children to come to school and work hard. As long as they do that they should be able to go home and do a little homework each week (up to one hour) and enjoy being a child – exploring and learning through play! Our ‘All About…’ approach to homework aims to focus upon your child’s strengths as well as fit in with your home routine on a weekly basis.

Homework will be uploaded to this page each Thursday and is to be handed in by the following Wednesday for it to be marked.

In addition to the homework, throughout the course of the year, children will have spellings to learn, books to read and phonic activities to complete.


Class Setup

There are two Foundation Two classes during the 2018-2019 academic year:

  • Miss Benn’s Class
  • Miss Bayley’s Class

Foundation 2 will be supported by  Mrs Kelly and Mrs Edwards

Both classes have an equal mix of children arranged by age, ability and gender. Your child will be with his/her teacher throughout the school day but all staff in the Foundation Team have the responsibility of teaching and providing purposeful learning experiences.


Physical Education

Children will do indoor P.E. every Monday morning.

Please can you ensure that pupils have all items of clothing named e.g. trousers, skirts, t-shirts, tights and jumpers. This will ensure that when getting changed for PE, your child puts on their own items of clothing.

For P.E your child will have black shorts and a white t-shirt (labelled clearly with their name) in school. This will be kept at school and returned to you each half term for washing. If your child wears earrings, please could you ensure they are taken out on Mondays so that they can fully participate. We are unable to remove earrings for children.



Reading books:

Please can you ensure that your child’s reading book and reading record is in their book bag every day, so that it can be changed throughout the course of the week.


Please can you take steps towards ensuring your child does not bring toys from home into school. We do not play with toys from home in school as they may become lost, broken or cause upset amongst peers. Many thanks for your support in this matter.

Packed Lunches:

In line with our ‘Healthy School’ ethos, sweets are prohibited in lunch boxes. Instead, 1 small sweet snack such as a biscuit, yoghurt or small bun is preferable. Many thanks for your support in this matter.

Water Bottles:

Children have access to their water bottles throughout the school day. In line with school policy only school water bottles are allowed within class. These can be purchased from the school office. Juice is also prohibited in school water bottles. Non school water bottles are only allowed within packed lunches.



The resources below may be helpful if you and your child wish to use them at home. Many of the resources below mirror those used within the curriculum so will support work done within school.


Phonics and Reading Resources: 

Jolly Phonics Songs Link:

Parents Workshop PowerPoint

Phonics Leaflet- Workshop

Reading Activities Leaflet- Workshop

Reading Prompts

Letter Formation Sheets

Flashcards with formation rhymes

Jolly Phonics Flashcards

Sound Mat

Jolly Phonics Actions Sheet

Useful Websites and Apps


Parents Useful Documents:

What to Expect When: A Guide for Parents



Number formation 0-9

Number formation 10-20


Useful Websites: (Fun Games and Information) (Read Write Inc and Reading Information) (Mr Thorne Does Phonics- videos linked to each sound) (Mr Mc Super Power Tricky Words)


Thank you for your continued support.

Foundation Two Team.